Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Geiger Tigers, Back Story!!

Here is the back story to the Geiger Tiger's video I posted several weeks ago.  It is interesting to see the video and then read the back story.  If you did not watch the videos, see them here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heartfelt Request

I am requesting, if you live in Washington, that you comment on this post with any and all aviation related items that are not any longer associated with aviation.  For instance, I posted, about a month ago, about the J-57 engine can that was being used as a water tank.  There are other instances, however, of such things as drop-tanks being used as signs.  In Oregon, there is a B-17 that is sitting above a gas station.  There is an F-101 Voodoo on a stick near Tacoma.  There is a wing of a B-24 on Mission Ridge near Wenatchee, Washignton.  There is a drop tank that sits on a pole near Zillah, Washington.  Someone used a drop tank to make a model airplane outside of a shop in Moses Lake, Washington.  There is another type of drop tank that sits outside a farmer's shop near Moxee, Washington.  I, myself, have a drop tank hanging from the ceiling of my shed.  I would like to try and create a general map of aviation artifacts in this state.  Since I can't take the time to canvass the the state, I am hoping my slim readership will help.  Eventually the results will be posted here on this site!  Your help is deeply appreciated!