Sunday, August 29, 2010

Helldiver, Again!

As we found in March of this year, wrecks are still being discovered from World War II.  In March, a Curtiss Helldiver wreck was rediscovered near Tillamook, Oregon. It was in pieces. Well, another Helldiver has been discovered, this one in considerably better condition.  This one was discovered in March 2009 in the Otay Reservoir in California.  It was a Helldiver that suffered an engine failure on May 28, 1945.  With the cooperation of the City of San Diego, the US Navy, and the California Office of Historic Preservation, it was pulled from the reservoir on August 20 of this year and is destined to be restored for display at the National Naval Aviation Museum.  If you are interested, you can find the article here

I am looking to update the Tillamook Helldiver story, but am waiting for a reply.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

F-15 Eagles Over the YTC


Living, as I do, close to the Yakima Training Center(YTC), I sometimes hear things.  Less often, I see things.  In the past, I have seen F-15s and A-10s on rare occasions.  I never had the ability to record those sightings.  Now, I have a much better camera.

A few days ago I heard the rising and falling thunder that indicated an aircraft or two above the YTC.  I stepped out a few times, but could never see anything.  A few minutes later, one of my friends who lives closer to the center called me and said that an F-15 was winging its way toward me.  I stepped out just in time to get a few photos.

Today, I was in the back yard and heard a jet.  I looked up in time to see an F-15 coming from the East.  I waited.  Finally I heard it again and was satisfied that it was circling over the YTC.  I just in the truck and headed in that direction.  I found my favorite mountaintop viewpoint and waited.  I did not have to wait long.  I heard him before I saw him, but when I did he was coming out of the sun and making some sort of run.  I did not see any ordnance dropped, nor did I see any gun runs.  I assume it was a familiarization run or perhaps an electronic training run.  Though, by no means am I an expert on modern day practices. 

I know that F-15s are based at Portland International Airport, but this one seemed to come from the East.  I seem to recall reading somewhere that there are some at Mountain Home AFB, too.  I hope one of my readers will confirm or deny this.  until that time, please enjoy these photos and accept my apologies for not posting more this summer.

F-15EagleAug252010b F-15EagleAug252010c F-15EagleAug252010d F-15EagleAug252010e 

Here is what the area looks like.  High and dry.