Saturday, May 17, 2008

C-141 vs. C-17

This has very little to do with aircraft, except the possibility that the metal detector may someday help me locate a wreck. I made my first EXCELLENT find. It was at my in-laws’ house. Cora and I went over to check on the kitten (AKA Psycho Kitty) and I took my metal detector. I thought, jeez, these people have owned this place for more than 30 years, there must be something in the yard. I thought, yeah, I will get some beer cans, perhaps. I found an old Pepsi can, right off. The second signal I got was something that looked similar to the Pepsi can reading I had a moment before. I decided to dig it up nevertheless, if only to ask to father-in-law about his Pepsi addiction. It turned out that this was something more important. It turned out to be a 1976 Kennedy 50 cent piece. Beautiful, aint it?

History Channel had a Boneyard show on tonight. Given my recent trip to Tucson, it broke my heart. Cora did not allow me to watch the entire episode, apparently the loud cries of anguish annoyed her, but I did record it. I am sad to say, the aluminum goes to other uses. It does not go to a museum. C-141s flew over my house for years as I was growing up. They are/ were huge planes. The C-17 now flies the path that 141’s did. The C-17 is actually bigger than the C-141, but since that is the case, they send fewer in maneuvers. Alas, this is not the Cold War.

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Cora said...

Well you can watch your show again while I am out of town.