Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Northwest Aircraft News

Good news, Paul Allen has finally made his collection of aircraft more available to the public. Before you had to call ahead and make plans and hope you got the hour right, but now, it is a real museum with regular hours and stuff!!! See it here.

The collection has some REAL RARITIES! A Polikarpov I-16, an Me-109, an Me-163 Komet, an A6M Zero, a Ki-43 Oscar and a Focke Wolfe Fw-190. at one time, his sight showed that he had an Me-262, but it does not show that anymore. The museum is at Paine Field, in Everett, Washington.

Another North West gem: The Storm Birds Project! They built or are building five NEW Me-262 Schwalbes. They took an original and used it to make jigs and patterns. They also got serial numbers from the original builder. Mind you this is a WWII aircraft. German, at that. You cansee the pictures and the site here.

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