Friday, July 11, 2008

Progress is slow

I continue to be interested in wrecks and such, but getting my Master's comes first...however long that takes. I have some good news on the front of Exercise Coulee Crest. I got an e-mail a week or two ago that told me they were backlogged and would send the info I had requested in a few weeks. The person added that there was quite a bit of information on Exercise Coulee Crest, so it may be sent in a couple packets.

I saw a couple jets flying formation yesterday. They landed at Yakima Airport. I called the air museum and asked what they were, since I could not see them clearly. They were definitely NOT A-6 Intruders like we normally see here. The museum folks were not helpful, though. They did not know what the jets were, but they could tell me they were navy jets. Apparently they stopped at the terminal. I still need to call and see if anyone finally figured out what they were. They might have been Hornets since the gentleman I spoke to said he thought they were Tomcats...Tomcats have been retired since September of 2006. So, there youhave it, sorry for the tardiness...

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