Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coming Soon! Lots To Be Happy About!

I have ordered two batches of accident reports from AFHRA in the last two months. I found some long lost acident reports today, which I had mistaken for some of my wife's papers (they were neat and tidy, my stuff is always crumpled and messy, who would've guessed?). And a friend of mine is sending me a couple pieces of informatin that I don't have! Oh, and best of all, on Saturday, I will be at the decommissioning ceremony of the USS Kitty Hawk. She will likely be the last carrier decommisioned until Enterprise ends her career. She is definitely the last US carrier powered by non-nuclear means. I will take plenty of pictures of Bremerton NSY while I am there...or as many as I can without the wife taking away the camera because I am taking too many pictures of Bremerton NSY!


Gary said...

Have you tried contacting Craig Fuller of AAIR? He has well over 100k accident reports. His course in Aviation Archaeology is very much worth taking as well. Here's a link to his website in case you don't have it.

Jimh. said...

Thank you Gary, but I am aware of AAIR, (check my links) I use the list he has for Washington State wrecks, but I am a teacher and spending money on this doesn't make sense when you can get them for free from AFHRA. AAIR may be fster, but I am in no hurry. Thank you.