Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Historic Day!

Yesterday, that is. Yesterday, May 19, 2009, saw the Navy's newest carrier, the George H.W. Bush land its first fixed wing aircraft aboard!! I could quote the news story, but you should really have a look at the real thing here.

Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic 82 years ago today, landing in France at sometime after 10PM on May 21, 1927. Hows that for history?

OTHER NEWS: I recently found a place that I can get archival newspaper articles for free. I found that an Ohio paper ran a short story on the crash of the F-106 pilot, Tesmer, whose parents lived in Ohio. Free is good.

The Emory S. Land was in the news, too. Sailors aboard visited local schools. The Emory S. Land is a subtender assigned to Bremerton Naval Ship Yard. I have a picture I took of her here.

I got some more news on the L-20 Beaver/-21 crash near Lake Chelan. The author is working on the story and is willing to let me publish it here.

My latest batch of requests is near being processed by the AFHRA!

All in All, good news! Sorry it wasn't a more interesting post!

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