Sunday, September 13, 2009

C-133 Last Flight

Last Flight of the C-133 Cargomaster from INVERSION on Vimeo.

So, I was not privy to the last flight of a C-133 at the time. I have since spent too much time in mourning of that lost chance to see a C-133 in flight. It flew from Alaska to McChord AFB to Travis AFB. I would have seen her at McChord...but I did not. She is now set to become a display in remembrance of the many, many crewmen that flew her to keep the necessities of life flowing from one part of the globe to another. She will be a permanent display at the Jimmy Doolittle Museum at Travis AFB in California.

Honestly, I cannot wait for the DVD to come out...I will SOOOOO BUY IT!

I have had a few comments from veterans who partook in Exercise Coulee Crest. C-133s figured prominently into the build up of armed forces during that exercise. C-124s also were used to transport essential equipment. At least one commenter, thank you sir, noted that C-133s stopped at Larson AFB, in Moses Lake, Washington. This commenter had checked his father's log book to confirm it. It is that kind of effort from readers that makes this site work. Thank you!

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