Wednesday, July 28, 2010

C-17 Down Near Elmondorf

This just happened within the past hour or so.  A C-17, apparently practicing for an Air Show this weekend, has crashed near Elmondorf, Alaska.  There is no word as to where the Globemaster III was based or who its crew was.  Reportedly, there were four air crew.  This story is still developing and I will add to it as I find out more.  See here.

Given the location, McChord seems to be the most likely place where the C-17 was based.  Let us hope that the crew made it out safely and that their families are safe and find comfort tonight.

***UPDATE*** There is a short blurb in the October issue of the magazine Combat Aircraft concerning the Elmondorf C-17 crash.  No word yet as to cause, but the crew of four was lost.  ***October 25, 2010***

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