Wednesday, August 25, 2010

F-15 Eagles Over the YTC


Living, as I do, close to the Yakima Training Center(YTC), I sometimes hear things.  Less often, I see things.  In the past, I have seen F-15s and A-10s on rare occasions.  I never had the ability to record those sightings.  Now, I have a much better camera.

A few days ago I heard the rising and falling thunder that indicated an aircraft or two above the YTC.  I stepped out a few times, but could never see anything.  A few minutes later, one of my friends who lives closer to the center called me and said that an F-15 was winging its way toward me.  I stepped out just in time to get a few photos.

Today, I was in the back yard and heard a jet.  I looked up in time to see an F-15 coming from the East.  I waited.  Finally I heard it again and was satisfied that it was circling over the YTC.  I just in the truck and headed in that direction.  I found my favorite mountaintop viewpoint and waited.  I did not have to wait long.  I heard him before I saw him, but when I did he was coming out of the sun and making some sort of run.  I did not see any ordnance dropped, nor did I see any gun runs.  I assume it was a familiarization run or perhaps an electronic training run.  Though, by no means am I an expert on modern day practices. 

I know that F-15s are based at Portland International Airport, but this one seemed to come from the East.  I seem to recall reading somewhere that there are some at Mountain Home AFB, too.  I hope one of my readers will confirm or deny this.  until that time, please enjoy these photos and accept my apologies for not posting more this summer.

F-15EagleAug252010b F-15EagleAug252010c F-15EagleAug252010d F-15EagleAug252010e 

Here is what the area looks like.  High and dry. 


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