Tuesday, September 7, 2010

USS Olympia

Do you remember reading about the Spanish-American War?  Remember the Maine?  Well, the USS Maine is gone.  Sunk.  But, Admiral Dewey’s ship remains.  FOR NOW. 
The USS Olympia is in dire straits.  Launched in 1892, she is the oldest floating steel warship.  She is the ONLY surviving ship that fought in the Spanish-American War!!  This old warship is in need of repairs and a dry-docking, though.  She has been on display for the public, but may sink in her moorings if something is not done soon. 
Please donate to her cause!  Even a small amount will help.  I donated this afternoon when I read the article. This was not the first time I have read of her distress, but this is the day I made the decision to help!  It was not much, but it was what I could spare.  Please!  We must keep this historic ship afloat!  We let the USS Washington die under the cutting torch, will we let the USS Olympia wither away like an unwanted shoe?
You can read more about the USS Olympia here. 
For the sake of your children, help her.
You can donate here.  You can spread the word on Facebook here.

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Craig said...

I just found your blog and am trying to figure out how I can email you. I'm interested in the P-38 crash that you found. I have located many military crash sites in Washington and have worked directly with Craig Fuller on indexing sites. I believe Gene has contacted regarding the location of a P-38 near Ellensburg. I orginally thought this was the site you were looking at, but when I looked at my records I don't have any that match the serial number you gave.