Sunday, April 15, 2012

Palace Cobra

I like history.  I like aircraft.  When you put the two together, well, I'm hooked.  I have a book that I have read many times.  It's called "When Thunder Rolled," by Ed Rasimus.  It is a book about the author's time flying the F-105D Thunderchief in Vietnam.  He was at Korat RTAFB, Thailand.  It is a well written and extremely entertaining and enlightening book.  You feel like you might be able to actually fly a Thud after reading it!  Well... I did.

I recently ran out of books to read.  I had just re-read the series by Ilona Andrews about the Beast Lord of Atlanta and Kate Daniels.  I read the entire series, at least those that have been published, and was at a loss for things to read.  I decided I might like to read "When Thunder Rolled" again, but then I discovered "Palace Cobra."  It is the follow-on book.  It describes the author's exploits six years later when he returned to Vietnam  flying a different aircraft.  The F-4E.

Thus far, it may as well be the rest of the first book.  I really enjoy the author's voice.  He comes off as knowing what he is doing without sounding pedantic or officious.  The subject matter is interesting, too.  What's it like being a fighter pilot?  Well, the author will let you in.

This time, instead of being in the early days of the war, we are in the closing days, experiencing Linebacker and the run up to Linebacker II.  I highly recommend this book!

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