Monday, December 17, 2012

Bremerton Naval Yard January 1998

I unearthed several rolls of film recently.  I had them developed and printed.  Here is a panoramic I could have never managed 14 years ago.  Computers are so nice.  This was the last time that the USS Missouri was open to the public while she remained in the Continental USA.  Shortly thereafter she was towed to Hawaii, where she remains.  The USS Sperry is at far left.  The USS New Jersey is next, stern to us.  Several Knox class frigates followed by the USS Midway and the USS Missouri.  the remaining carriers I once knew, but the intervening years have erased the names.  Perhaps a diligent person out there could locate the carriers at port on that date and forward them to me.  Note the Hammerhead crane.  I believe it is no longer there.

Be sure to right-click, copy, and save it to your own desk top to view it best.  This was back when film was the only way to take a decent picture.  The intervening years have not been kind to the negatives.

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