Sunday, September 21, 2008


here is my Dad in PriFly on Hornet.

And the View from PriFly

This is the Hornet. I visited it a couple times while we were in California. I also managed to visit the Constellation in 1998(?), but I don't have any pictures...robably lost in the managerie of 35mm film bags that I have not developed yet...years of them.

Back in 1998 we were in Bremerton to visit the USS Missouri before her trip to Hawaii. Here is a picture of Lincoln during overhaul. You can make out a few Knox class FFGs, which re all gone now. Also, the hulls of several cruisers...robably Texas or California. I can't tell if Long Beach is visible or not...but she was there. You can also make out a couple submarine sails.

The Chinese bought the Russian carrier Varyag...apparently they are working it up. Here is a nifty little article on it.