Friday, September 5, 2008


I found a You Tube video of the RB-36H at Castle AFB. I have video, but it is several years old and I have not put it into a format that I can post. So, if you want a good look at this lovely behemoth, here it is. I wish I had taken more video and pictures...but it was before I had a digital camera.

I cannot describe the shear hugeness of this aircraft. I can give you measurements all day long. I can use big words and be a descriptive as possible and I wil still be unable to give you a feel for how big that aircraft is. The propellors are 19 feet in diameter. The tail is 46 feet tall. The fuselage is about 12 feet in diameter. Yes, the C-5B is gigantic and larger in comparison, but this bomber carried almost 20 people for a 48 hour mission. It also had a multi-megaton weapon in its bomb bay. This was America's big stick during the 1950s. It is trully an awesome sight. I highly recommend going to see it at the old Castle AFB in Merced, California. It is about two hours South of Sacramento and about an hour North of Fresno.