Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fighter Intercepter Squadrons of Washington State

Here is a partial list of Cold War Fighter Intercepter Squadrons in Washington State. I found that there is no specific site that has all of these together, so, for your viewing pleasure, I present this list of Fighter Intercepter Squadrons that once served at Washington bases. (This is in no way a complete list, I will be adding to it as I get more information. If you have some to add, please let me know!) I also hope to add the years that they were assigned later. As a service to all, I am also including the other squdrons and wings that served.

Fairchild AFB

  • 43rd ARS
  • 98th BG
  • 98th AR
  • 307th AR
  • 327th BS
  • 343rd BS
  • 344th BS
  • 345th BS
  • 380th AR
  • 415th BS
  • 515th SM
Felts Field

  • 116th FIS
  • 142nd ADW
Geiger Field.

  • 440th FIS
  • 445th FIS
  • 497th FIS
  • 498th FIS
  • 520th FIS

Larson AFB

  • 31st FIS
  • 71st FIS
  • 82nd FIS
  • 317th FIS(started with P-61s and changed to F-82s)
  • 319th FIS
  • 322nd FIS
  • 323rd FIS
  • 538th FIS
  • 81st FIW
  • 4721st ADG
  • 71st SRW
  • 4170th SW
  • 327th BS
  • 396th BG
  • 592nd BS
  • 593rd BS
  • 594th BS
  • 595th BS
  • 768th BS
  • 562nd Missile Squadron
  • 568th Missile Squadron

McChord AFB

  • 64th FIS
  • 317th FIS (F-86s beginning March 1951, switched to F-102s December 13th, 1956)
  • 318th FIS
  • 319th FIS
  • 325th FIS
  • 425th NFS(nightfighters)
  • 465th FIS

Paine Field

  • 326th FG
  • 83rd FIS (F-84s, F-86s 1952 to 1955)
  • 321st FIS (F-89s August 1955 to March 1960)
  • 57th FG
  • 64th FIS (F-102, March 1960 to June 1966)

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