Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't Bother

If you are interested in seeing any part of the National Air and Space Museum online...don't bother going to the official site. You will probably have better luck searching for tourist photos. Here is the world's finest aircraft collection and their IT and Website sucks. I wanted to see how the Boeing 307 Stratoliner was displayed this morning. I knew it had suffered fuel starvation and landed in Elliot Bay in 2002, but it was fixed and is preserved at the NASM. So, I wanted to see how they fixed it, what it looks like now and how they are displaying it. I live on the West Cost, so driving down to the museum is out of the question. The internet is a vital tool for this kind of curiosity. Today, however, the NASM failed me. They gave me a suvey which I filled out in anger! I did not alleviate all my need to vent, though, so here I am.

On brighter note, I recently obtained a few post 1955 crash reports. I will be posting a better, more fruitful, article in the next few days.

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