Tuesday, June 16, 2009


On June 3, 2009, Vice Admiral James Calvert passed away. He was a WWII submariner. Have a look at this article on the Navy site.
I am a fan of submarines and submariners. I am pleased to note that Washington State has a deep (forgive the pun) tie to submarine history. Bangor, Washington is THE West Coast base for SSBNs (Also known as boomers or the Navy's leg of the Nuclear Triad or missile subs). I have been to Keyport Undersea Museum twice AFTER HOURS...one of these days I will make it into the museum. I have visited the marine museum in Astoria, which has a control room from a submarine(I'd like to have one in my living room). I had to visit Mare Island Naval Base when I lived in California. I had read about Richard O'kane among others walking along the piers and looking at their newly built subs. I walked on hallowed ground. Also at Mare was the conning tower from the Mario S. Vallejo and a German Manned torpedo called a Marder. I have read numerous books concerning submarines. I have a car that uses technology similar to diesel subs. I am a fan.
So, I bid Mr. Calvert good bye, may he sail untroubled waters.
German Marder

USS Mario S. Vallejo

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