Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mission Scrub

(My Dad)
I set out this morning to bag a wreck site. The place was only 50 miles away. I took my father, who had the day off. Our targets were two. Our primary was P-38H #42-66778, with a secondary being B-17F #42-29500.

Let me start by saying my TWO WHEEL DRIVE Tacoma has never let me down. Let me then add, the "roads," as the map referred to them, we travelled were probably better traversed with mules, or mountain goats, or ELK (see illustration). I would hesitate to take a 4X4 on these...or at least I would now, after today's "adventure."

We did meet some very nice and helpful people. We stopped by the Windfarm, hoping for better roads to get us closer to our quarry...or is it quary? Turns out there is a wonderul visitors' center. We could not get to the other side of the farm, since they are expanding their facilities and visitors are not allowed past a certain point without an escort. (We plan on calling the PSE rep/environmental person as soon as we get a chane to get an escort to that part of the farm.) The folks there were very friendly and helpful and proud of their project! The person we needed to talk to about a tour was not there at the time, so we decided to take their advice and try another road down the way a few miles. Yeah, not gonna just believe a map EVER again.

Still, it was a good day. We managed to get ourselves out of the creek we had gotten up without a paddle. We got into a VERY steep area and tore up my rear yeah, there was a price.
We ended up taking about 4 hours to make 10 miles in distance. It was a case of poor choices piling up on each other. We ended up passing the P-38 by, because, by the time we were near it, we simply wanted to get home in one piece. It was a tense four hours.
Still, here are a few pictures. LOOK, they have PROPELLER BLADES, that counts, right?

I am still working on the post about the Beaver.

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