Saturday, August 1, 2009

Marine M-60 MBT on Display

**UPDATE** August 1, 2010:  I have a correction to make.  I was recently informed that this is an M-103 Heavy Tank.  The M-103 carried a 120mm gun.  The turret is correspondingly larger to deal with the extra size of the gun.  The M-60 carried a 90mm main gun.  You can get some more info here, here, and here.  Many thanks to Mr. Rains for calling this error to my attention!  **UPDATE**

Yesterday, I took the time to visit the 4th Tank Battalion, Bravo Company HQ in Yakima, Washington. I was there to take photos of the Ex-Iraqi T-72 MBT. I managed to convince my marine escort to let me walk the extra 20 yards and take pictures of the M-60 on display nearby. Which got me thinking...

The cities of Yakima and Union Gap have between them, three M-60 tanks on display (I will be posting photos of the other two soon) and one T-72. This is not a big idea in itself, it is the fact that this knowledge is not widely known.

For other types of equipment, information is widely available: you can Google any type of military airplane and locate where one is that is on display. You can use Google to discover which Naval ships remain, and where they are, and which ones are open to the public. There appears to be no such ability for military armor.

If you think about it a little, I am sure you can list a handfull of canons, tanks, or other military vehicles on display in your town or towns near you. So, I am contemplating putting together a site with a list of Tanks and Armor on display. I cannot do all of it myself, obviously, so I will be relying on others to submit information concerning those pieces of equipment near them. All the new site would be is a gathering place for this information. I would post pictures of the tank or vehicle, its location, and its type. I think it would be possible to organize it according to state, city, and type. So, here is my question, would those of you who visit this site be interested in this new site? Would it be a useful tool? PLEASE comment or give me an e-mail.
The location of this tank is on 16th Ave. not far from Washington Ave. (and the airport) in Yakima, Washington.
The M-60 was based on the M-48 Patton. Production began in 1960 and did not end until 1983. During that time 15000 of them were built. About 200 were used in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. They were about 60 tons, 32 feet long, 13 feet wide, and 12 feet high.

you can find more informtion about the M-60 here.

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