Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sentimental Journey

This afternoon, after work, I cleaned myself up and tok the cameras and went to see a B-17 that is at the airport right now. This B-17G has been touring the West for at least two decades. I remember being a kid in the 1980s and standing underneath this behemoth of the air. Four R-1820s proppel her through the air, one of which dripped some oil on me (not the first time, I had a B-24J ruin one of my favorite shirts about a decade ago. I actually found the oil this evening before I let it get in the this shirt will survive.). I wish I could afford the $425 to go for a flight on her.
Here am I standing in front. Some people like to get their photos taken with celebrities, or in front of the Grand Canyon...I prefer planes.
This is one of the turbosuperchargers, which used engine exhaust gasses to compress air for the carbueretors. This is what allowed them to fly so high.
She heads to Tillamook, Oregon on the 7th.
You cn find out if she will touring near your hometown, here: Arizona Wing of the CAF

All those fifties up front would make me wary of attacking her about you?
A close up ofthe R-1820.

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