Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Odds and Ends

Courtesy of Charissa Perry
 Busy weekend.  This shot of a V-22 was taken near Prosser, Washington yesterday, April 18.  No idea why  parts are apparently glowing apart from the light of the setting sun.  Apparently, last week, the V-22s came into Yakima International Airport and did some practice landings and a short demonstration for local residents.  I, unfortunately, was not in attendance.  Thanks to Charissa Perry for yet another wonderful photo!

There must have been some pretty large maneuvers going on at Yakima Training Center, since, on the way back from Seattle, we saw many Strykers (of all types: 105mm toting, APC type and sporting mounts for the 40mm grenade launcher), Humvees, various trucks, and several 155mm M198s.  As we drove by the center on I-82, there were still many vehicles and tents and communications devices set up near the freeway.

Through a happy accident, I managed to find myself at Boeing Field for a few minutes yesterday.
 There were several AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning and Control) aircraft sitting on the tarmac fitting out.  The one above is one meant for the Royal Australian Air Force, one of six planned.  Below is one meant for the Republic of Korea.  They are called "Wedgetails" by some because they are part of Project Wedgetail.  You can find some more info on them here.
 This one is meant for the Turkish Air Force.
There was an E-3 AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System), this one from back in 1974.
 I could not make out the tail number of the one next to it, though.  Below is the 757 used in testing the avionics for the F-22.
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Bryan Foster said...

saw an Osprey today in Tacoma...Almost wrecked myself on I-5 I was so shocked...looked to be doing the rounds at McChord. Awesome to see...never seen one in flight.