Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Osprey, Times Two

My sister saw the Osprey today.  She got photos.  Later in the afternoon they (two) flew by our house.  I managed to get outside without killing myself, but they were past the point of prime picture taking. and this is what I got.  One thing I noticed was a unique rhythmic drone.  Everyone I spoke to also complained of just how loud they were and how the windows shook when the Osprey went over.  We were farther off their flight track and did not get that phenomena.  Another thing was the relatively slow speed at which the rotors?  propellers?  move.  Most photos managed to freeze them.

 My sister, on the other hand, apparently lives right under their flight path.  She got three completely AWESOME PHOTOS!!!!!  I want to thank Charissa Perry for her donation of photos to this blog.  As you can see from her photos they were flying remarkably low.  She was also very quick with her camera, because I SAW how fast they flew.
Photo Courtesy of Charissa Perry

Photo Courtesy of Charissa Perry

Photo Courtesy of Charissa Perry
 This last is an enlargement of one of my photos...nothing compared to Mrs. Perry's.

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Charissa said...

Thank you very much for using my photos. They are fast but cool.